Marketing Support

We recognise that the key to a successful Fringe show is good publicity. We want to run a venue that attracts good audiences and so aim to help you with this as much as possible.

Each year we produce a professionally-designed venue brochure with a print-run of around 6,000 copies.

Inclusion in the venue brochure is free for all our performing companies, and includes a photograph or other artwork and approximately 4 lines of text. (This is around 40 words of "blurb"). Copies of a previous brochure can be sent on request. The information in the brochure is also published on our festival website.

Space is provided around our venue for your own posters and other publicity material, with a footfall of approximately 20,000 people over the course of the festival. We also make contact with the local and national press to publicise the venue as a whole, and will use our experience to help you produce and make effective use of your press and publicity materials.  Our P&M team will be on hand to offer practical advice on how to market your show and to provide information directly to reviewers.

Please note we are constantly reviewing our marketing expenditure to ensure the best possible value for ourselves and our performing companies, therefore the exact way we spend our marketing budget may differ from year to year - however the descriptions of previous years should give you a good idea of the expected level of effort and expenditure.

Press Coverage

The reviews below are an example of press coverage that we have received in previous festivals. We are proud to programme a diverse range of performances and the reviews below cover comedy, solo performances, dance and large cast musicals.

Blind Mirth
Blind Mirth

"This is improvisation at its best"

Broadway Baby

Uncompromising Artistry Productions

"Her delivery is breath-taking"

Female Arts

Butoh Medea
Live Arts Collaboration Inc. / Ren Gyo Soh

"The production, with its jangling soundscape and shadowy lighting, works well in the subterranean space of Paradise in the Vault"

Fest Mag

Little Shop of Horrors

"Fabulous songs, dancing and acting, this production is an excellent homage to the original musical [...] an enjoyable experience."

All Edinburgh Theatre

Office Facilities

We offer free Wi-Fi throughout our venues.

We also offer the following additional office services charged on a cost-recovery basis:

  • A5/A4/A3 colour printing and photocopying
  • laminating