Dates for 2024

Travel to Edinburgh Return from Edinburgh
Week 0: Thu 25th July (evening) All Thu 1st Aug
Week 1: Wed 31st Jul (1400) or Thu 1st Aug (1400) Sun 11th Aug
Week 2: Sat 10th Aug (1400) or Sun 11th Aug (1400) Sun 18th Aug
Week 3: Sat 17th Aug (1400) or Sun 18th Aug (1400) Mon 26th Aug
Week 4: Sun 25th Aug (evening) All Sun 1st Sept

The above table is a guide only and should you receive an offer of work, your specific arrival date will be provided in your offer email.

Where arrival time is '1400' this is to allow scheduled training sessions to take place that afternoon. Where arrival time is 'evening' staff will not be expected to do any work that day and is designed to allow people to travel after their working day.

On days when the venues are open to the public, there will be two shifts per day. Shift times will depend on the programme of shows for this year. If we have a full programme the shift times for most staff will probably be:

Day: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Evening: 5:00 pm - 1:30 am

You will be asked to work a mixture of day and evening shifts, but we will try to ensure that you stay on one shift for a few days at a time. Shifts are generally published a week at a time and available by the end of the week before. You will not find out what roles you are doing or what times your shifts are until you arrive in Edinburgh unless you are specifically told in your offer email that you are part of either the dedicated Press and Marketing team or are a Show Operator. 

Meals and other breaks will be arranged by your Managers on each shift, and will be staggered so that staff can cover each others breaks. The Duty Manager is in charge of a shift in a venue.

There will be no fixed hours for working in weeks 0 (build) and 4 (clear out). Starting times each day will generally be determined by the need to receive deliveries / prepare pick-ups etc. Staff working these weeks should generally expect to work rather longer hours than in other weeks e.g. 0900 - 2200, and should come prepared for hard (and often rather dirty) manual work.

There are two cleaning days (Sunday 11th August and Sunday 18th August). These days allow newly arrived theatre companies to have their fit up, and to give time for the venues to be thoroughly cleaned. On these days, all staff (except a small number involved in fit ups with companies) will be expected to work a day shift, possibly with a late start if an evening shift was worked the previous day. These are not days off.

2024 Applications

For Fringe 2024 there will be 2 rounds of applications to volunteer.

Round 1: Opens 1st January 2024 and closes on the 25th February 2024.

This round will be open to all staff: both new and returning. Please note that we may re-interview applicants who have previously interviewed with us.

All new applicants who are successful in the application stage will receive an interview on the weekend of the 2nd-3rd March 2024. You will be contacted between the 21st-28th February 2024 to invited you to interview if you are successful.

If you currently live in a different timezone to the UK, please specify this in your application form and we will do our best to accommodate that.

Round 2: We open for a second round of volunteer applications from the 25th May 2024 and close on the 10th June 2024. All new applicants who are successful in the application stage will receive an interview on the weekend of the 15th June 2024.

If it is your first year volunteering with us then please understand your flexibility will be key. Applicants who are able to do multiple weeks as part of their application, as well as being open to a range of roles, are most likely to be successful.

Apply Online

Sorry, the application process is currently closed.

If you have already applied, you can access your application using the link below.

Team Login >

When you apply to volunteer with Paradise Green you will receive an email acknowledging your application.

A particular mix of skills is needed in our volunteers. Thus the volunteer recruitment team will start making decisions about which volunteers to offer places to when a number of applications have been made.

Once you have received an offer you should log into your application webpage, using your username and password, and confirm acceptance or rejection of the offer.

Please note we are only able to accept volunteers with the right to work in the UK. If you do not have the right to work in the UK, please contact us via email at before completing you application.

If for any reason you have to change the dates you wish to volunteer with us or have to pull out entirely please let us know as soon as possible. If in doubt contact us via email at